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Project Financial Viability

Project Financial Viability
The preparation of reports on the financial viability of a project is imperative for the soundness of the financial health of an organization. The financial analysis focuses on the financial viability, stability, and the profitability of the project. Moreover, regular financial analysis ensures timely changes in the strategies of business for betterment. The Financial Viability report prepared by us using highly effective tools will help your company streamline its structure towards optimization and will provide access to comprehensive financial information. We focus on empowering your management with strategic information on the performance and profitability of your company. Some of the tools we employ to determine the project viability are:

  • What is the Return on Investment - yearly return calculated on the total investment needed for the project? For a project to be viable, the Return on Investment must be greater than the Cost of Investment
  • Finding out if the business generates surplus adequate to meet recurring repayment obligations.
  • Determining the Break Even Point - the point of activity where all costs (variable as well as fixed) are recovered from the sales values. The rule of thumb is that lowering the break-even point betters the proposition.